Inventory Management

Our technology is user friendly and intuitive. It allows the administrator to decentralize the release and ordering function without compromising fiscal controls. It allows the administrator to block items, and budget users with spending limits. Our technology can rout the user’s requisition to their manager for approval before processing the requisition. Our technology offers the ability to identify two levels of managerial approval. Once approved, our technology will pass the order along to the appropriate distribution center.

Our technology immediately generates a Release Acknowledgment that details the name of the requester, the requisition number, product description and quantities, shipment and delivery dates, carrier information, and cost information. The successfully completed release generates a pick ticket in the appropriate distribution center. All requisitions that enter the system are assigned a bill of lading number. All requests refer back to the user’s cost center and release number. Pick tickets accommodate the release of merchandise by identifying the locations of the oldest inventory on a first-in, first-out basis.

Packages exiting a distribution center are accompanied by a packing list that clearly indicates the product contained therein and any back orders. Upon consignment to the carrier, TSG Direct tracks the requisition by downloading information, including the date shipped, the date required and the shipping rate, from the carrier’s computerized tracking systems.

Packages are tracked by user identification (name and address), cost center number, the user’s requisition number, and TSG Direct bill of lading number. TSG Direct is capable of locating a shipment at the various points in the delivery process.